On-board weighing

An on-board weighing solution for all types of vehicles

Onboard Weighing is a system that is attached to the vehicles and not to the load to allow weight data to be communicated at any time by a moving vehicle.

SLI AFRIKA, as a national and international distributor of solutions for on-board weighing puts at the disposal of its customers, a product of a worldwide recognized brand, whose excellent and superior quality makes it a world leader in the field.

Also, we are able to offer you an approved on-board weighing system for all types of construction machinery, heavy goods vehicles and commercial vehicles.

On-board weighing helps to improve compliance with weight limits in road transport in a number of ways.

Four different approaches are envisaged

weight display in the vehicle for the drivers

voluntary activation of the proof of weight compliance

mandatory on-board weighing for pre-selection

mandatory on-board weighing for automatic control


The advantages

Optimising your loading allows you to avoid overloading but also to avoid underloading your trucks and of course to extend the life of the vehicle. A control unit operating with communication technology is installed directly in the cab and manages the data coming from the sensors placed under the vehicle. It displays the weight, net and gross, in real time, allowing you to know the pressure on each axle group.

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