Digitalisation agenda 2021

Tuesday 23 February


The BAOBAB room at the Novotel Orisha in Cotonou served as the setting on Tuesday 23 February 2021 for the presentation ceremony of the 2021 digital agenda. Chaired by the Minister of Digitization, Mrs. Aurelie ADAM SOULE ZOUMAROU, the meeting also saw the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation "Mr. Aurelien AGBENONCI" and the Minister of Communication and Post "Mr. Alain OROUNLA ".

The audience was entitled to the presentation of the activities and flagship projects of other actors in the sector namely: the Regulatory Authority of Electronic Communications and the Post (ARCEP-Benin), Mobile Telephony Operators and Suppliers of Internet access operating in Benin.

On the same occasion, the Minister of Digital took stock of the implementation of the 2020 agenda for the sector, before discussing the assessment of the implementation of the Government's Action Program (PAG 2016 -2021) in the digitization sector.

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