Logistic Delivery

Telematics for logistics and delivery

Logistics Delivery is a multifunctional program designed to facilitate and control all stages of delivery and field service operations. This service makes it possible to carry out a large number of tasks in the field of logistics and delivery.

Livraison logistique comprend une version web pour les répartiteurs et une application mobile pour les conducteurs.


The web application is intended for the operator’s use. It is designed to manage work processes such as the creation and distribution of orders between units, planning and optimization of path, as well as the tracking and coordination of order delivery.

The mobile application is intended for use by couriers and is available on smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS). It was developed to streamline communication between the drivers and the operations manager. It takes into account a messaging service that allows the different operators to keep each other informed of the progress of the delivery of orders (confirmation / refusal), and also gives the possibility to take pictures or leave comments on current operations.

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