Fleet management

Cost efficient management and increased visibility on fleet operations.

SLI AFRIKA provides an innovative vehicle tracking and fleet management system which allows you to focus on key parameters and maximize the efficiency of your fleet.


Become more efficient

SLI AFRIKA allows you to reduce Labor, fuel and dépréciation costs trough time and ride monitoring, optimization and detailed driving behavior analysis.

A simple management plateform

With its intuitive design and features, our platform is accessible by mobile application and by web. Its functionalities and interface offer you an exceptional user experience.

Fleet activity tracking management

Our fleet management solution is one of the most sophisticated business analysis tools currently available on the market. For optimal vehicle fleet management, it is based on the following functionalities:

The benefits are many and have a direct impact on the activity

A three steps follow up stystem

Choose and install your unit
Access by mobile app or web
Track your vehicle in real time

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