Fuel control

Monitor, control and reduce fuel costs

Fuel costs often represent a large portion of the total fleet costs. By finding ways to reduce them, you will improve your financial performance.


Monitor fuel consumption

The fuel control system provides the smart tools to track fuel consumption and easily identify thefts. You can get informations on the fuel consumption from sensors installed in the tank or from the vehicle's CAN bus
also, the remote tank monitoring will keep your fuel costs under control.

What are the benefits of adopting a fuel control solution ?

The biggest benefit of using a fuel management system is certainly the cost reduction .The efficiency improvement trough fuel management frees up more of your resources and capital for investment in other areas of your business. Small savings today across your entire fleet will allow you to reinvest them in other areas of your business in the future.

With our solution, the fuel consumption of your vehicles is easily calculated. Moreover, any fuel theft (even small amounts) can be detected. You can also receive alerts when the sensor registers a sudden drop in the tank level. These alerts can be in the form of an e-mail, SMS or notification indicating the place and time of the fuel theft. Thus, you can perform remote tank monitoring.


Compatibility with all types of sensors

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